DORAEMON X APK Download {v0.7c} For Android

4.3 v0.7c 101 MB

Doraemon X is an extraordinary mobile gaming marvel that gracefully translates the beloved Doraemon cartoon series into an engaging video game. The inspiration from the animated series shines through as the game introduces Doraemon, Nobita, and their friends as central characters, setting the stage for an exhilarating gaming experience.

As Nobita, players embark on thrilling missions that span solving puzzles, navigating challenging levels, overcoming obstacles, and gathering resources alongside their trusty robotic cat, Doraemon. The game’s allure lies in its exclusive features and diverse experiences, allowing complete autonomy in gameplay. Explore various parts, indulge in inaccessible games for leisurely activities like cycling and fishing, or immerse in completing levels.

The game’s authenticity echoes the comic series, replicating buildings, locations, and sound effects for a realistic, immersive experience. With captivating graphics and minimal disruptions from third-party ads during gameplay, it’s an enticing option for enthusiasts. Download today’s latest version to access an unlocked, popular game awaiting exploration.


This game offers an array of experiences where players can immerse themselves in single-player or relish the camaraderie by joining friends. Beyond the main storyline, the ‘free game’ presents various recreational activities like cycling, fishing, hiking, and sports, providing endless exploration possibilities.

The attention to detail is strikingly evident as the scenes and settings closely mirror the iconic comic series, resonating from familiar locations like schools and homes to the vivid sound effects that echo the show’s nostalgia. Notably, players enjoy uninterrupted gameplay, free from third-party advertisements, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience throughout.”

At its core, Doraemon X revolves around ingenious puzzle-solving and obstacle triumphs, offering a refreshing departure from conventional mobile games. Each level introduces vibrant, imaginative environments that pay homage to the anime’s futuristic essence, perfectly balancing puzzles with a thrilling adventure.

The play beautifully encapsulates the anime’s humor and heart, offering an engaging blend of challenges that cater to various skill levels. Incorporating Doraemon’s futuristic gadgets elevates gameplay, adding an innovative twist to puzzle-solving scenarios.”

Features Of Doraemon X:

The game’s primary focus on puzzles and challenges ensures a mentally stimulating experience, departing from typical mobile game dynamics.

Iconic Characters: 

Interact with beloved Doraemon characters, each bringing unique traits that enrich the gameplay and deepen the connection to the Doraemon universe.

Futuristic Gadgets:

Seamlessly integrated legendary gadgets provide innovative tools for puzzle-solving and amusement, faithfully capturing the series’ essence.

Side Missions and Mini-Games:

An array of side quests and mini-games extend gameplay, rewarding players with in-game currency and items, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Nostalgia-Fueled Experience: 

A faithful adaptation of the anime’s graphics transports players back to the heartwarming universe of Doraemon, a haven for fans and an inviting experience for newcomers.

 How Do You Download, Install, and Use the Doraemon X?

  • Click the download button to acquire the latest file for this VIP Animated Game.
  • Next, visit your device’s settings and enable “3rd Party unknown sources.”
  • Next, find the downloaded APK File within your browser’s download section.
  • Tap the install button on your device screen and wait for the Animated Game to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, the Game icon will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the game icon to open it.
  • Finally, create an account and begin playing this engaging Animated Game.


Can I play the Doraemon Game on My PC?

You can, but utilizing Bluestacks is necessary to run the game on your PC.

Is it safe to play the Doraemon Game on Mobile?

The game is secure and safe for your smartphone.

Does the Doraemon Game Require a Rooted Device?

No, the game can be played on both rooted and non-rooted devices.


Relive the magic of your childhood with Doraemon X APK. Immerse yourself in thrilling missions, unravel challenging puzzles, and conquer obstacles alongside Nobita. Engage in adventurous quests and strategic puzzle-solving to overcome each challenge that unfolds within diverse environments. As the game progresses, discover new landscapes, each brimming with surprises and unique hurdles. This captivating adventure has captured the fascination of millions worldwide. For more games and apps, you can also visit